About Lofty View Flower Farm and Homestead


Our family of four consists of two generations — baby boomer parents Lynnie and Sylvia (aka novelist Ellys Phox) and millenial-genx-cusp JD and Dusty (aka comic book creators Scuttlebutt Ink). In 2015 we moved from the suburbs (Santa Rosa and Benicia respectively) to seek a more peaceful life in nature, in a more affordable environment with enough space for a multigenerational home. It was a long search to find Lofty View and we feel beyond blessed to live in such a beautiful and inspiring place.

Deep in the woods, the land here has a unique beauty in every season: lush and mossy or bursting with bright green and flowers. Even the misty, rainy winters have a cozy charm. So far we’ve experienced two growing seasons and our gardens of fruits, vegetables and flowers become a wonderland of nature’s beauty during the spring and summer.