Frequently Asked Questions

Why no you-pick?

Since our farm is also a monarch conservation project, it’s important for us to monitor how many flowers are available to the butterflies and carefully control the growth stimulation of the plants. For that reason, I only offer flowers in vased arrangements.

Additionally, allowing me to cut your flowers will make them last much longer. They will be cut the night before and then soak in a food solution before being placed vases. Some of our flowers have been known to last almost 2 weeks when the water level is kept full and changed every 3 days.

To further extend their life, cut a few centimeters off the stems when you change the water and add a tablespoon of sugar.


Where can I buy flowers?

Arrangements can be ordered in advance to be ready for your visit. If you’re not planning a visit, you can still order flowers to be picked up at the farm or can be delivered in a 20 mile radius for an extra $10 delivery charge. I also attend various events in the area with flowers, crafts and photography prints. Follow on Instagram or Facebook to get updates about public events.

Small amounts of fresh and dried flowers are also available to florists, wedding stylists, crafters, etc. I have the following:

  • Zinnias [many colors, sizes and styles] (fresh cut and dry petals)
  • Strawflowers [many colors] (dried heads and wired stems)
  • Dahlias [8 varieties] (v limited availability)
  • Gomphrena [white, baby pink and bright purple] (fresh cut, dried heads and wired stems)
  • Gladiolus [many colors] (available late fall)
  • Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth (fresh cut)

There are LOTS of photos of the flowers on our Instagram. All flower orders are subject to availability, since our farm is relatively small and retains a lot of flowers for viewing and pollinators. If you’re a floriculture professional interested in buying flowers and would like to visit the farm to view our selection or if you’d like to order fresh or dried flowers, please send me an email to


Why reservation fees?

Because we are a small farm growing flowers mostly for pollinators and visitors, what keeps us open is reservation fees. Unfortunately because of our zoning, we are only legally able to invite groups of 6 people or less and are only allowed 3 of these appointments a day. But I fully believe your experience at the farm and the opportunity to participate in a species conservation project will make it well worth the cost.


What are your hours?

Since the farm is on our family’s homestead, our hours are fairly flexible. Let us know what your preferred plans are and we can see what’s available.


What is your open season?

Certain parts of the farm are open year round and each season has a unique experience.

The gallery is always available for viewing, without a reservation fee. The gallery is run by homestead mom Sylvia and you can learn about it and schedule a visit through

The hiking trail is open as long as it’s not muddy. Even in January — we have a unique microclimate that offers us occasional light, mild snowfall that makes our mountain location into a fantasy wonderland. In the spring, the meadows are seas of purple and green with sky lupines while shady areas are dotted with white flowers.

The hiking trail is available without reservation fee December, January and February and likely will be closed in March due to rain.

As far as the flower farm, since it’s our first year, we are winging it as to how late we’ll able to stay open. That said, most of the plants for 2018 were selected to bloom late summer through autumn. Last year in our garden we had blooms all the way through December. So the farm will be open as long as possible in 2018. We’re expecting to be open to the public much earlier in 2019, possibly as early as April. The best way to keep track of our availability is to follow the farm either on Facebook or Instagram and there’s also a mailing list you can join on the front page of