Visit Summer 2018

We are located about 8 miles south of downtown Placerville, CA.

We will be able to have visitors beginning August 2018, by appointment only for groups of up to 6 people. Please read these important notes about visiting, followed by how to plan your trip.

  • YOU CANNOT NOT USE YOUR GPS!!!! We’d like to just get this out of the way now and we will tell you many times before you depart for Lofty View. We are IN THE WILDERNESS where GPS dare not tread. Your GPS will lead you down weird private driveways where you will get stuck and might even end up needing a tow truck and you will be very very unhappy. When you make your appointment, we will provide an easy-to-read map to save you from the folly of your GPS. 


  • There is ¼ of a mile of very country mountain road once you leave the paved roads. If you are a city person, this road might scare you a lot and feel like it takes forever. Fear not. It’s rough but any car can make it. Dusty has a little hatchback that does it every day. Just take it slow and careful, you’ll get back to that blessed blacktop soon. However, if anyone in your group has neck/back issues or injury, is particularly frail, of advanced age or frightened by rough roads, we encourage someone from your group take a quick trip out our way and see the road before you schedule a group visit. (Please contact Dusty beforehand to schedule a meetup with a group member.)


  • NO HEELED OR OPEN TOED SHOES! The ground here is soft and there are stairs and dirt paths. If you need something to go with fancy attire, please make sure your shoes are flat and closed toe or you won’t be able enter the farm.
  • Children should be closely watched in all areas of the farm. For their safety, children 3 and under should be carried in the flower garden and on the hiking trail.
  • Our property is unfortunately on such a steep grade that the accessibilty of the space is somewhat limited. Viewing the flower farm requires walking on a short dirt path and it is split up with stairs into 3 tiered levels. As much as we wish we could make it easier to navigate, please keep this in mind as you consider visiting and contact Dusty with any questions you might have.


  • The reason our party size is limited to 6 is because of the zoning in our area + type of business license. We cannot LEGALLY have more than 6 visitors at a time, so we cannot make any exceptions. If you bring more than 6 people to your private booking (or more than yourself to a workshop), someone will have to drive back down the mountain and wait in the car which is just a bummer.