Please note that this document is a work in progress and is missing some details. At the moment I’m gathering interests and more details will be available soon.


Since the farm is located on our homestead, our availability on days and hours is variable and flexible. 3 appointments are available each day.

Pricing for all visitor reservations as of September 1st 2018

$25 total for a group up to 6

  • Cold bottled water
  • Farm tour
  • 2 hours of free roaming time, including as much access to the flower farm, hiking trail and art gallery as you like
  • Seed gift bag


$20 Guided hike

$10 per additional hour

$10 or $20 flower arrangements

Color preference can be indicated from:

Pink, purple, magenta, white, yellow, red, green, orange

Please order at least 3 days in advance

We do not offer you-pick flowers. If you’d like to know why, take a look at our FAQ.

Larger or multiple arrangements may be available with discussion.

Flower Farm Experiences

$25 reservation fee waived

Complementary flower arrangement

10×10 tent with sun + wind shield

Cold canned or bottled drinks of your choice

6 seed gift bags

Setup + cleanup

Electricity on request

No food provided

Multiple tables available

  1. Shady picnic


4 hours of farm reservation

4×6 table with cloth and settings + seats for up to 6 guests.

4 hours of farm reservation

Bring your own food and any other beverages

We take care of cleanup when you’re finished with the space.

  1. Club meetup


For photography, botany, hiking etc groups of up to 6 people.

Tables and chairs

4 hours of farm reservation time

Meetups only, please no instructors charging for lessons or workshops

  1. Natural science STEAM activity center


4 hours of farm reservation

Up to 4 kids and 2 adults. (At least 1 person over 16 and 1 over 21 is acceptable.)

Suitable for learners age 6 – 16, plus adults in a group of up to 6 visitors.

We create a unique day of learning and fun, with a place to retreat for activities out of the sun.

STEAM education is a movement to combine the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Though Dusty will lead you through the adventure, this is a journey for both kids and their guardians to travel together. (That is, not a day activity for children to be dropped off at but an experience guardians should participate in.)

This experience includes the following:

  1. A large assortment of specimens on display, some found on the property and others part of our large collection as natural science enthusiasts.
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Fossils
  • Wasp nests
  • Skulls and other bones
  • Naturally mummified animals
  • Feathers
  • Reptile skins
  • Preserved insects, flowers and eggs

Some of these items are what I call “pick me ups” and some are for eyes only. Also provided are several types of magnifying devices to do close examination of the pick me ups. The selection of items can be geared as you like — for instance no bones or mummified animals for more ‘innocent’ visitors.

  1. A library of fun, photo filled books on the following topics
  • Plants and botany
  • Fish and reptiles
  • General natural science
  • Art and color theory
  • Western American history
  • Plant and animal identification
  • Dragons
  • Coloring books

Guests are encouraged to take identification books on their hike or flower farm exploration.

  1. Exploring science through art table

At the activity table we provide art supplies and the “read a book to learn….” drawing game. Players come up with an idea for a topic to research using “read a book to learn… how / why / when” and then draw a picture to go along with their learning topic. Drawings can be turned into t-shirts (talk to Dusty).

Why this game? Because I played this game when I was in first grade and I’m sure it shaped my life. My school held a competition to create drawings like this and each grade had a winner who would get their drawing on a shirt. My learning experience was “read a book to learn how to grow a flower” and featured a very yellow mouse under a flower. I won the first grade award and to this day I think it’s one of my greatest accomplishments.

After the game, kids are encouraged to look through the books for answers, save their question for a library trip or get help from an adult going on the internet to research the topic.

About booking the experience

We request that in your group of six that there is at least 1 adult to each 2 kids and please carefully read our important guidelines about bringing children to the farm (under construction).

We suggest bringing snacks as we can provide drinks but not food.

This experience is a learning, rather than a “teaching” adventure.

I, Dusty, the owner/gardener at the farm and organizer of the the activities for kids, am not a teacher but I have career experience as a project manager and graphic designer in STEAM curriculum development. For more about my professional experience, take a look at my bio page. (under construction)

This day of activities is not meant to teach, but provides an environment to promote a passion for learning, seeking knowledge and exploring the practice of research through the adventurer’s own agency and unbridled creativity.


If you are interested win making a reservation, please send an email to and include a little info about your group and when you would like to visit.