Services and Events

We are expanding our flower farm and getting ready for guests but we need your help! We are currently fundraising for the project on Kickstarter. If we raise enough by March 10th, we will open to the public June 2018.

Take a look at what we have to offer, then click here to contribute on Kickstarter!

Read more about the Lofty View Homestead property and its history on our about page.

 Fresh Flowers

In 2018, you’ll find us at the Placerville Farmers Market and at the Diamond Springs Flea Market. We’ll have fresh cut flowers per piece and small mason jar arrangements. We’ll be partnering with Gold Seeds Co, who specialize in companion plants and essential oils for toxin-free alternatives to pesticides. And, if you visit the farm for a rental or workshop, you can pick your own flowers from the cut flower garden.

Photography Workshops

For macro, nature and landscape photos, Lofty View is a photographer’s paradise. Aside from the obvious flowers, trees and views, the garden is full of wildlife. Hummingbirds, butterflies and bees fill the air and under the leaves are other little wonders, like praying mantis, frogs and ladybugs. Turkeys, deer, quail and a variety of songbirds are a common sight in the area.

Workshops for beginners will offer support from nature/landscape photographer Dusty while advanced photographers can simply have free roam of the space. Outside of workshops, any photographer interested in capturing the beauty of the garden is welcome to rent the space by the hour.

View the schedule of workshops for 2018.



Wedding, Couples and Family Photography Rentals

The garden is designed with a portrait photographer’s eye. The 3000 sq ft of garden will have numerous focal points and photogenic spots, like a small flower-covered gazebo, a flower arch and a 400 sq ft trellised shade garden. Each unique section of the garden creates a different, enchanting environment from all angles.

We can accommodate a party of 6, including photographer. (Photography not included, you must book, pay and bring your own photographer.)



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